Thursday, February 11, 2010

Renting: 500 Days of Summer

My fiance, Courtland, and I are big movie goers, however we occasionally differ on choice. For instance, we went to see Avatar in 3-D, only because I convinced her the glasses were Wayfarer frames. She actually loved the movie even going in with great skepticism. This pattern emerges in reverse as I often protest but end up enjoying the experience as well. Let me interrupt myself, because I suppose you would prefer I get to the title subject.

Court and I went to dinner and decided to forgo the theatre by renting from Hollywood Video. Thanks to Netflix, iTunes, and On Demand places like Hollywood Video are all but extinct. We have not connected Netflix to our Blu-Ray player, purely out of laziness mind you, so our selection was geared to the corner section of new release Blu-Ray DVDs. The vacant nature of the store at this point felt reminiscent of Video Bob's, but we pressed on debating each selection.

Finally, we, being the operative word, decided to rent 500 Days of Summer, awesome....... I'll let you guess who won the decisioning process. In her defense my choice was Underworld:Rise of the Lycans. To the readers who find this ridiculous then you probably don't understand the age old blood feud between Werewolves and Vampires and should probably stop reading also you're an idiot.

Disappointed is the most appropriate adjective to describe how I felt with relevance to "our" selection. Regardless, my palate is a bit more liberal when it comes to movies, so I harbor a bit of optimism for this supposed character study.............

Enjoyment is actually how I felt after watching 500 Days of Summer. Granted my supreme pessimism going in helped, but the movie was in all honesty, entertaining. Once you get through the terrible wardrobe, brown sweater vests with skinny black ties and pumas with suits, the plot is easily identifiable. Courtland even stayed awake through the entire movie, and this fact alone gives it a glowing stamp of approval. Honestly, if you have ever been in a situation where you were stuck in the "friend zone" this movie is in your wheelhouse. Check it out but please do not forget to laugh when our alternative thespian lead gets beat up by a drunk frat cat.

P.S. Please forgive the less than cathartic ending, apropos of Tom Wolfe, my posts will continue to improve as my blogging cherry was just popped.

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  1. What fun to see a hidden talent emerge in front of your eyes. The blogisphere welomes the next:

    a.) Paris Hilton
    B.) Roger Ebert
    c.) Dear Abby
    d:) All of the above